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TODI' Weaving shop is Toraja handicrafts store that active in collecting and selling various kind of Toraja traditional handicrafts. In 1999 our business started to produce the ikat textile and show this process methods at our showroom, which all this time can only found in the isolated place beyond Toraja like Kalumpang and Rongkong.

Kalumpang and Rongkong can be reached 3 to 5 days by walking through Batutumonga, crossing the row of mountains, jungle, and valleys before enter to this villages. Although we walk through the isolated place we still could meet with some Torajans who live in group from mountains to other mountains. Yes, it's may be so tied trip but it's realy fun to view the unique and spectaculer panorama with the rice terraces that belongs to the Torajans how live in this most spectaculer place in the highland of Celebes.

Because of this weaving practice is very apprehensive about extinction, therefore we are in Todi' Weaving shop have been working to make it still exist by producing the ikat woven with the same way our ancestors made the woven. We are using the use natural dyes and the traditional spinning threads to make the ikat.

If you are interested and would like to purchase some of our Toraja handicrafts, now you could purchase those online. All the goods which can be found in our showroom and stock are at the same time displayed on our online catalog. Now you could view all of the products in our catalog and you can place an order just in a few minutes from the comfort of your home.

Our showroom is open every day:

( Monday - Saturday : 09am – 07pm )

( Sunday : 01pm – 07pm )


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Jln. Pembangunan No. 19. Rantepao.
Toraja Utara. Sulawesi Selatan

Jln. Ahmad Yani No. 63. Rantepao.
Toraja Utara. Sulwesi Selatan.


Monday - Saturday: 9 AM - 6.30 PM

Sunday: 1 PM - 6.30 PM


Phone: (+62) 423-27003

Mobile / Whatsapp: (+62) 81236064922